Taylor Swift

Last Thursday, I went to a Taylor Swift concert and LOVED it! I was kind of surprised about how many little girls were going to a concert on a school night, but that’s real fans for you! It was so loud when I got into the stadium, and then got even louder as Taylor Swift skipped out onstage. The rest of the show was amazing! It was like little skits based on the songs she was singing. She also talked a little bit sometimes about her songs. It was an amazing experience (except for getting home at 11:00 🙂 ).


2 thoughts on “Taylor Swift

  1. Taylor Swift rules! That is amazing. Did she sing the entire Speak Now album? Or just a couple? Getting home at 11 on a school night must be pretty tiring. But that’s for real fans. Where did she perform?

  2. Taylor Swift did not sing the entire album, but she did fill them in with some of her most popular songs. The concert was staged at hp pavilion. Would you stay up that late to see Taylor perform?

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