The Penderwicks by Jeanie Birdsall

The Penderwicks” by Jeanie Birdsall is the best book ever! The first book is about four sisters, Rosliand (the oldest and most responsible), Skye (the rebellious, athletic sister who was the only one who inherited her mother’s features), Jane (total dramatic writer of Sabrina Starr, her original heroine, books), and Batty (full name Elizabeth, like her mother. Batty is closest to the clumsy dog Hound). The four girls (and Hound) are headed to a cottage in the Berkshires for vacation. Their mother had been lost to cancer 3 years ago, so only their father is driving. They finally pull into Arundal, the mansion with a cottage behind it, and meet Jeffery (a very important boy later in the series). Jeffery’s snooty mother will try to get them out of her beautiful gardens. They will, will they??? Read “The Penderwicks” to find out more!

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